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James Renford Powell

James Renford Powell is an accomplished author, educator, and publisher with a diverse and impressive body of work. He has written 36 books, workbooks, and manuals on self-discovery and personal development, all stemming from his own experiences and process of self-discovery. Renford is also the founder of the Institute of Applied Metaphysics, a three-degree level program with up to 20 courses per level. The Institute focuses on assisting students with the process of self-discovery. In self-discovery one can come to know Universal Being.

Renford’s story begins with his personal history as a missionary in South Vietnam during the war, where he also studied Mandarin Chinese at the University of Saigon. His travels took him across the Far East, the Middle East, and Europe, where he emersed himself in the Chinese and Arab cultures, their languages, and religions. Renford’s studies led him to the conclusion that there were certain principles that were taught by the Great Masters and were common to almost all religions. He remained abroad for 20 years, living, working throughout these regions.

In 1990, Renford founded IAMPress, Inc., a publishing company specializing in work with first-time authors who want to maintain ownership of their intellectual property. Renford created the E-Zine (magazine) LIGHTWAYS and developed the Radio by Renford Network of talk shows on which featured The Laws of Material Wealth Personal Development Program. Many of his television shows, The Book Man Show, Renford Revelations, the Core Concepts Lectures are now on Broadcast Network.

Renford’s teachings can more easily be traced to the experiences of Buddha, Jesus, Pythagoras, Hermes Trismegistus, Philo, and Spinoza than to organized religion or any modern teachers. He writes about his own process only mentioning their experiences where they parallel his own. The Renford process of self-discovery is taught from experience and bears little resemblance to any organized religious discipline or any system or ritual taught by recognized Asian or Occidental teachers. He teaches nothing he has not experienced, seen revealed in his intuitive meditations, or that cannot be understood by utilization of the four pillars of his program. They are Identification, Verification, Observation, and Meditation.

Renford’s work has left a profound impact, and he has made significant contributions to the fields of personal development and self-discovery. More information on James Renford Powell and his organizations can be found at, Searches for James Renford Powell can be made on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The Facebook pages are JAMES RENFORD POWELL and INSTITUTE OF APPLIED METAPHYSICS. The Linkedin registration is JAMES RENFORD POWELL. The YouTube site is RENFORD BROADCAST NETWORK.

Works of James Rendford Powell


The Searcher’s Roadmap

This is a guide to the principles found in the teachings of all the great Masters and your guide to exploring, participating and understanding all facets of life as a spiritual seeker. Every time Jesus is recorded as saying anything, he was explaining or illustrating the Universal Laws. It had been foretold and confirmed in Matthew 13 that the mission of Jesus was to reveal these secrets that had lain hidden from the foundation of the world.

The Renford Affirmations

These affirmations were written 15 or 20 years ago for myself, so I called them the Renford Affirmations. They are different from any affirmations I have seen anywhere because the 13 Universal Laws are embedded in them. It means they are powerful and can help the individual realize their own pure potentiality. In fact, I have had people say it is like magic.

It may seem like magic to some but it is really because we are surrounded by negativity and fear-based thinking. I ask students to read it aloud once a day for 27 days. Actually, some notice a difference almost immediately.

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